Fun and full of excitement workplace is definitely us. Challenge yourself every day from doing your day to day role to boost yourself to the max. Here are top 3 reasons to work at IBM-JTI:

People is our #1 Assets

People are not only seen as resources for the company. You are worth more than just the tool to support company’s operation. You represent the brand image, determine company performances, and influence our clients to success in their business.

As an IT company, we believe that you are the key for our success. Starting at your 1st day to work in IBM-JTI, you can feel the management’s effort to support their employees to develop their potency continuously. We embrace the culture to learn and keep updating new things. It’s like the way we breathe the air, the habit that is becoming our JTI-er trademark.

Challenging yet Friendly Working Environment

Working in IBM-JTI is more than just doing a routine. everybody is expecting to deliver more, yet You can have fun and friendly working environment here. It starts from its management that respects and trusts all its employees. While you are accepted in IBM-JTI, it feels like you have a new family. You can learn not only how to be a professional, yet how to have good social skills.

We have several employee activities each year that are actively participated by most of our employees and their family members also. We make working as a fun thing yet challenging. No doubt that our employees are loyal to us due to our working atmosphere.

Work With World Class IBM Proven Process

As an IBM company, we apply IBM Proven process in almost all of our daily operational activities. IBM tested method make us ready to face future challenges to support our sustainable growth yearly. However as an IT company, we never stop innovating. Furthermore it has been our practice within our employees.

There is no reason for us to stop innovating to cope up with the rapid changes of technology and the business environment.