Open Source support

IBM-JTI is committed to promote the usage of Open Source in the country. We offer support services for implementing Open Source from scratch, migrating from other operating systems such as Windows, and also provide day-to-day support for Client that already in Open environment.

IT & Business Consultant Support Services

Support IBM in the area of IT Consultancy, and Business Development & Management Consulting, It Includes consulting services on Business, types and configurations of client's IT Infrastructure which might be associated with hardware, software and applications.

IT Operation Support Services

Help IBM to operate their IT systems in their day-to-day operations. It includes the supply of management and operation of client's computer systems and/ or data processing facilities at the client's site as well as related support services

Desktop Management

Our Desktop Management services will help the clients to sleep well. Freeing them from all the burden in dealing with complex distributed environment; assets/ inventory control, information assets security, software and patch distribution, virus attack and many others. IBM-JTI will also able to help converting from capital type of investment to operating expenses model.

Technical Support Services

Provide support in the area of technical support services; covering hardware, software, and application components of the system as part of an integrated services or the component which maybe provided by third parties or vendors. It Includes maintaining the system and also training and supporting users of the systems.

Data Analysis and Processing Support Services

To Analyse & Process Client's data from their day to day operations. it includes preparing the result. of its data analysis, providing recommendation and presenting it to the higher management.